Know-How Video: Diagnostic Test Automation with Indigo using ASAM XIL API DiagPort

Take a look at a practical example for writing your own diagnostic tester application in C#, using the ASAM XIL API.

Indigo provides an automation API based on the standardized ASAM XIL API DiagPort.

The first part of the video provides a short overview to the ASAM XIL API in general and the specifics of the DiagPort API in test automation systems.

In the second part of the video you’ll get a hands-on example on writing your own special diagnostic tester application in C# for reading identification data and fault memory data from an ECU using the ASAM XIL API assemblies.

Download the code example that is used in the video here.

Main features of the video

  • Motivation for test bench automation APIs
  • ASAM XIL API DiagPort
  • Use Case: Test Automation
  • Use Case: Automation of Diagnostic Tasks
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