Gründermotor in Stuttgart, Germany Presents the First Master Class

Stuttgart, Germany – June 19, 2019 – In a joint venture, Vector Informatik and company builder Pioniergeist launched the Gründermotor (“Entrepreneur Engine”) initiative in early 2018. The goal was, and still is, to close the gap between university-internal startup programs and free enterprise, especially with regard to the investment and funding opportunities of young entrepreneur teams.

One key measure of Gründermotor is to fund outstanding, cross-university entrepreneur teams and to accompany them on their way from school to free enterprise. The first round of this roughly six-month coaching program concluded on June 19 with the pitches of the six finalist teams.

The great political significance of the Gründermotor project is confirmed by the involvement of Secretary of Science Theresia Bauer and Secretary of Commerce Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut.

In addition to the master class funding initiative, Gründermotor engages in two other main activities. Gründermotor Service supports universities and other institutions of higher learning in the development of internal startup formats. Gründermotor ACCESS provides young entrepreneurs and a wide variety of startup initiatives with a regional network enabling the startup ecosystem to be accessed and used by everyone.

The activities of Gründermotor have initially been focusing on universities in the greater Stuttgart area. The successful graduation of the first master class also serves to motivate regional businesses to get involved with this initiative funded by the Baden-Württemberg Departments of Commerce and Science.

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