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Generic Charging ECU VC-VCCU With New Software Release

Version 8.1.0 offers numerous optimizations for the Vehicle Charge Control Unit (VC-VCCU).


VC-VCCU handles standardized communication between electric buses and the charging infrastructure via Powerline Communication (PLC).

With its integrated functionality for charging via Powerline Communication (PLC), the Vector Controller provides the perfect interface for prototype vehicles and development environments per DIN SPEC 70121 and ISO 15118. It can also be carried over into your series vehicle right away.


  • The complete evaluation of the addresses of received CAN messages allows the proper operation of further ECUs on the same J1939 CAN bus

  • Full support for global IPv6 addresses for Value Added Services (VAS)

  • The current and voltage values of the charger are only passed on to the vehicle control unit in the relevant charging states

Further Optimizations:

  • In case of ‘Charging Arbitration’, the optimized Network Management prevents two VC-VCCUs from keeping each other awake with network management messages
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