Fending off Cyber Attacks – Hardening ECUs by Fuzz Testing

In designing vehicle communication networks, security test procedures play an important role in the development process. Fuzz testing, which originated in the traditional IT field, offers automatable tests which are used to efficiently check an ECU’s security-related capabilities. But how can test cases be generated using familiar exchange formats?

Fending off cyber attacks: Hardening ECUs by fuzz testing.

Fuzz testing offers far-reaching automation that can reveal critical system defects which would remain hidden in manual security audits and software audits. Fuzz testing also provides an overall picture of software robustness. This helps to identify security vulnerabilities and to correct them before they can be exploited for attacks in the field.

In this technical article, we show you how you can efficiently test security-protected control devices using CANoe and the built-in fuzz testing feature.

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