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More Successful With the Right AUTOSAR Training!

Take the chance and benefit from the extensive training offers for AUTOSAR and embedded software now.

Profound expertise wherever you are: Embedded software training courses.

With the digital training courses offered by the Vector Academy, you are optimally prepared for your embedded software projects, regardless of the current pandemic situation.

Our experienced trainers explain all content in the live stream and you also have the opportunity to ask direct questions. Through the proven courses you will solve issues quickly and independently.

The following courses are offered on a regular basis:

AUTOSAR Classic Basic Course
Methodology, the technical concepts as well as the functionality of the RTE (Runtime Environment) and the AUTOSAR basic software.
In addition, advanced courses impart targeted knowledge for specific characteristics of an AUTOSAR project:

MICROSAR Cybersecurity Advanced Course
In this course you will learn about the basics of Automotive Cybersecurity and our corresponding Vector Solution which offers Services and Secure Onboard Communication according to AUTOSAR standards.

MICROSAR Memory Advanced Course
In this training you will learn about the optimal configuration, the behavior in normal operation of the MICROSAR memory solution. Furthermore, we present error recovery strategies and possibilities to pinpoint problems in your configuration.

MICROSAR Multi-Core Advanced Course
In this training you will get to know the details of Multi-core and Concurrency. You will learn about several use cases, the correct configuration and important boundary conditions for multi-core processor ECU projects.

MICROSAR Safe Advanced Course
This training will give an introduction to MICROSAR Safe - Vector's solution for ECUs with safety-related functions. MICROSAR Safe enables the freedom from interference for safety related software parts with different ASIL levels and for non-safety-related software parts (QM software) within the same ECU (Mixed-ASIL-Systems).

MICROSAR Ethernet Advanced Course
In this training you will gain a fundamental knowledge about Ethernet physical layers, TCP/IP and protocols that are commonly used in Automotive applications. You will learn about the connection of the Ethernet and TCP/IP stack to the AUTOSAR software architecture and we will take a detailed look at the most important automotive use cases.

All New: Ethernet E-learning:
There will be a completely new e-learning for MICROSAR Ethernet. This can be found from May 15 on the Vector Academy web page.

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