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Does Your Flash Tool also Provide Security?

The Vector Security Manager is the link between the Vector tools and OEM-specific security implementations.

  • vFlash 6 now supports the Vector Security Manager. This enables vFlash to authenticate itself to the vehicle/ECU - according to different OEM-specific implementations.
  • Based on the upcoming ISO standard 13400-3 for DoIP, vFlash now optionally encrypts communication based on TLS.

In addition, the new version 6 provides you with further simplified features for remote flashing.

  • Starting with vFlash Remote 6, the physical communication channel is simply assigned by the expert and no longer manually by the specialist on the vehicle side.
  • Useful for remote flashing: the erase and verification phases are now displayed in the progress bar.
  • The initial password for accessing the online service can now be changed within vFlash.
  • A common remote access point is now available for vFlash Remote and Indigo Remote. It allows both flashing with vFlash Remote and performing vehicle diagnostics with Indigo Remote.
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