Develop Ethernet Networks Clearly and from Scratch: PREEvision’s support for Automotive Ethernet

Vector Informatik provides developers with comprehensive support for the integration of Ethernet networks in vehicles as well as for the build-up of service-oriented software architectures. No matter if CAN or FlexRay are to be extended, partly replaced or if new use cases are to be developed: With the design tool PREEvision Ethernet networks or clusters can be described comprehensibly, clearly and from scratch.

Time-saving, clear and comprehensible: PREEvision’s support for Automotive Ethernet

If Ethernet is to be integrated into existing network architectures, PREEvision guides the developer step by step through the complete design process: The dedicated user interface helps to design services and service interfaces, to implement the interfaces with software components and to define the IP-based communication including the configuration of VLANs and switches.

Besides dedicated tables for data input several diagrams in PREEvision ensures a good overview: Quality of service mechanisms of switches can be graphically modelled with the QoS switch diagram and the network diagram provides a highlighting for VLANs. Service-oriented architectures (SOA) can be developed with the UML-based SOA diagram. And packet diagrams visualize the relations and dependencies of services.

Automations relieve the designer and speed up development: Based on a service design, PREEvision generates the corresponding software types and software interfaces and can automatically connect the services. A good deal of the communication artifacts is also automatically generated. Furthermore, PREEvision checks for completeness and secures a AUTOSAR-compliant description. PREEvision 8.5 supports AUTOSAR classic to version 4.2.2 – PREEvision 9.0 will bring an extension to AUTOSAR 4.3 and the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform.