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Corona Pandemic: Vector India supports the socially disadvantaged with COVID-19 testing

In the wake of the global corona pandemic, Vector's social responsibility and commitment to society are more important than ever. Shared values are lived out at all Vector locations worldwide, as the current initiative of Vector India shows: A generous donation enables the implementation of COVID-19 tests for poor citizens in Pune and Mumbai.

In the West Indian city of Pune with its 3.2 million inhabitants, Vector India is working together with Krsnaa Diagnostics. From the support with COVID-19 tests mainly the socially disadvantaged people in particularly affected urban districts will benefit. India's largest city Mumbai has a population of about 18.5 million. Vector India has entered into a partnership with the Be Human Foundation to facilitate COVID-19 testing in the laboratories of Brihan Mumbai Corporation. A mobile vehicle is on the road in the poorer parts of the city to take samples, thus increasing the test range. Vector India's initiative is making a key contribution to tackling what is currently the biggest challenge: detecting the virus as early as possible, providing the necessary medical assistance and containing its further spread. 

"We want to make testing possible for low-income residents who cannot afford the tests. This is because an increase in the number of tests in the most severely affected regions is necessary. This is the only way we can counteract the spread," says Mugdha Vartak, Head of Human Resources at Vector Informatik India. The initiative is even to be extended to the southern Indian city of Bangalore next month.

The entire project was planned and implemented by the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of Vector India in cooperation with Krsnaa Diagnostics in Pune and the Be Human Foundation in Mumbai. Vector's commitment to socially disadvantaged people in various regions of India is particularly evident in the personal efforts of the employees of Vector India. For example, they volunteer to help distribute food and are involved in charitable foundations. All of this serves to support people who are particularly hard hit by the Corona pandemic.