Case Study: Virtual Model-In-The-Loop Test for the Development of Driver Assistance Systems

Due to the ever-increasing complexity of driver assistance functions, combined with the integration and fusion of different sensors, it is necessary to evaluate the performance of those systems as early as possible in the development cycle. Ideally, this is done automatically and already during the modeling phase. If vehicle dynamics influences the detection performance of the sensor system, or limiting cases need to be taken into account, the test system also needs to be able to test the Device Under Test (DUT) in a closed-loop. Having appropriate, application-specific metrics – especially for the validation of data fusion – is another requirement.

Graphic Model-in-the-Loop test system for automated evaluation of driver assistance functions

The Challenge: Evaluating data fusion and driving functions early in the development cycle

The Solution: Automated testing of the models of algorithms and functions in virtual environments

The Advantages: Early objective evaluation of driver assistance functions and data fusion by means of complex virtual scenarios