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BASELABS Create Embedded for Data Fusion Development

The data fusion designer of BASELABS Create Embedded allows the fast, graphical development of complex data fusion applications

Data fusion designer: With BASELABS Create Embedded, sensors are added and configured independently from other sensors to allow an incremental system design.

From Prototyping to Series Production

BASELABS Create Embedded enables together with Vector platforms and runtime environments the easy and efficient implementation of data fusion applications – up to the 360° coverage of the vehicle´s environment. BASELABS Create Embedded can be used for prototyping with vADASdeveloper – as well as series production, e.g. with AUTOSAR Classic/Adaptive.

The new tool from BASELABS* accelerates development of embedded data fusion systems for automated driving functions. Typical use cases include Automated Emergency Braking (AEB), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and object fusion for piloted driving. Furthermore, the development tool can be used for object fusion for diverse paths in decomposed safety architectures. All relevant automotive sensors like radar, camera and LIDAR are supported. The tool provides a consistent workflow from a first prototype up to series production, which is unique in the industry. In the workflow, data fusion systems are configured with a graphical user interface in a very short time. The result is C source code that is suitable for series production.

BASELABS Create Embedded includes data fusion algorithms that combine data from automotive sensors. The object fusion, implemented with the tool, provides a unified object list of the vehicle’s environment.

BASELABS Create Embedded makes the development of data fusion systems more efficient and faster. The resulting C-code is human readable and comparable to hand-written code. It is customizable and extensible and thus, enables the developer to handle the individual data fusion challenges more flexible. The data fusion system can easily be adapted to different sensor-set-ups and -types.

The C-code is MISRA-C 2012 compliant, dependency-free and is running on typical embedded hardware platforms in the target vehicle, e.g. Infineon Aurix 2G and Renesas RH850. 

Fact Sheet BASELABS Create Embedded

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* About BASELABS GmbH: 
BASELABS provide data fusion results for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and highly automated driving (HAD) to OEMs, Tier1s, Tier2s and service providers. With a team size of approximately 50 people BALSEALBS support customers with development tools and engineering support. The company is in a shared ownership of the founders and Vector Informatik GmbH.