30 years of the future – Vector Informatik celebrates its company anniversary

Stuttgart, Germany – June 28, 2018: Vector Informatik celebrates its 30-year anniversary in 2018. Founded by Eberhard Hinderer, Martin Litschel and Dr. Helmut Schelling in 1988, the company has since become a major developer and manufacturer of software tools and components for the development of electronic systems and their networking in vehicles. At its headquarters in Weilimdorf, Germany and other locations around the world, Vector Informatik currently has more than 2,000 employees, many of whom came from near and far to celebrate together on June 8.

When three engineers struck out on their own in 1988 to work on the first generation of software tools for analyzing and stimulating bus communication in vehicles, no one was talking about “startup culture.” It was a way of life at Vector from the very beginning, though, and flat hierarchies, eye-to-eye communication and a constructive feedback culture still characterize everyday life at Vector to this day. Continued development, both professional and personal, is actively promoted and supported on an individual basis by development programs custom tailored to the employee. The company also supports the work-life balance of all employees in many ways, from the fitness studio in the Vector building to the company kindergarten to solutions for flexible and mobile work.


Developing the future together, celebrating together

Vector is celebrating its 30th company anniversary with a big party for employees at the company’s headquarters in Stuttgart Weilimdorf. According to Dr. Thomas Beck and Vector Informatik’s managing director Thomas Riegraf, “Resting on your laurels of the past 30 years doesn’t fit in with Vector philosophy, but the anniversary is a great reason to celebrate what we have achieved. Our success is clearly thanks to our employees, and the Vector team atmosphere is an especially important component here. New employees often tell me how quickly they become part of our team. Our pleasant working environment is also reflected in the length of time employees stay with us – you can build a solid career here and the professional dynamic never gets boring.”

Stats from the past few years show just how dynamic Vector Informatik is, even after 30 years: In 2011, the company welcomed it’s 1,000th employee. Just 6 years later, this number had already doubled to 2,000 employees. An important foundation for this success is the ownership structure of the company. In 2011, company owners Beck, Hinderer, Litschel and Schelling established two foundations which have shared ownership of the company every since: the Vector Foundation and the Vector Family Foundation. This arrangement guarantees the previous owners that Vector Informatik will maintain its independence from shareholders focused on the short term. This means that the company’s philosophy will remain unchanged: offering customers and markets ideal technological solutions for their needs, and thus facilitating their innovativeness, in the area of vehicle electronics.


Working together on the mobility of the future

Behind the the buzzwords autonomous driving, eMobility and connectivity lies a major industrial development: the transformation of the car into a complex, networked IT product. The more centralized electronics for mobility become, the larger and more complex the requirements on engineers and developers, as well as the environment in which the projects are implemented. The goal of products and services from Vector Informatik is to reduce this complexity as much as possible so that development processes can be carried out and implemented faster and more efficiently. Vector has been working cooperatively on the development of important standards and has decisively shaped their practical implementation since its founding. Seeing eye to eye with customers is an important factor for success, as are maximum precision and team spirit. The company’s headquarters in Weilimdorf near Stuttgart is yet another advantage here. The Stuttgart region is among the most important economic regions around the globe, as many large, well-known companies, in addition to a great number of hidden champions, are working together to develop the future of mobility there. Vector Informatik has been part of this network from the very beginning, and it will continue to be part of this dynamic development in the future.


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