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11:00 (Europe/London)

Duration: 45 min

Language: English

Panelists: Danjel Qyteza, Thorsten Schnier and Iain Cunningham

PREEvision: Digital Engineering of E/E Systems in Action

This webinar will demonstrate the capabilities of PREEvision and its product line engineering approach. The product lines approach represents a major shift in product development and can generate significant cost, quality, time to market, and productivity improvements.


This webinar will feature a tool demonstration starting with an existing model of a battery management system. You can gain an appreciation of how product line engineering principles can be applied in practice, from a global library containing all the possible product families, including electronic control units (ECUs) and the signals they interchange, and how assets are used to define a concrete, 100% product. We will see an example of a change process, in line with safety analysis according to ISO26262, in the context of a single product life-cycle and how the changes can be applied with ease.


Target audience:

- E/E project members and managers

- System designers

- Safety managers

- E/E engineers responsible for safety-relevant functions