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Vector India VT System Symposium 2019
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Pune, India

Fully booked.

Vector India VT System Symposium in Pune

One of a kind event focusing on practical hands-on experience & live demonstration of usecases for HIL testing

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The modular design of the VT System allows to build test solutions ranging from simple test setups to complex test systems:

  • Dedicated test systems for individual ECUs
  • Universal function testers for ECUs and subsystems
  • Flexible test hardware for the developer's work station

Join the unique event where focused 8 use-cases are presented through a live & interactive demonstration during each session.

Structure of each session:

Presentation            5 Minutes
Live Demonstration           20 Minutes
Q&A             5 Minutes
Experience the use-case            10 Minutes

You will also get to engage with Vector experts & peers from the industry.

Focus Topics

  • Electric Vehicles(EVs) & Charging Station Simulation & Testing
  • Smart Charge Communication
  • Endurance Testing
  • Component Testing
  • Measurement and Simulation of serial Interfaces
  • Electronic Power Assisted Steering(EPAS) ECU Simulation 
  • Gateway ECU Simulation
  • Turnkey Solutions & Coaching
  • Software Test Automation


Welcome & Registration
Component/Endurance Testing using VT System   
Live Demo & Experience:
  • VT System Basics
  • How VT system can be used for Component and endurance testing
ECU functional validation (IPC) using VT System
Live Demo & Experience:
  • Input Output simulation using VT System
  • ECU functional validation by using VT System
  • Test Automation
Coffee Break
Unleash the power of continuous testing with VectorCAST
Presentation & Live Demo focusing on:
  • Change-Based Testing
  • Integration with CIS (Continuous Integration Server) like Jenkins
11:45 Measurement and Simulation of serial Interfaces - SPI/PSI5/SENT with VT System
Live Demo & Experience:
  • Basics of PSI5 and SPI
  • PSI5 Sensor output measurement using VT2710 module
  • SPI Simulation using VT2710 module
12:30 EPAS - ECU testing using VT System
Live Demo & Experience:
  • Simulation/ Measurement of sensor signals with VT System
  • Motor Drive stimulation with VT System
Lunch Break
Electric Vehicle and Charging station simulation for SCC with VT System
Live Demo & Experience:
  • Smart Charge Communication Basics
  • EV/EVSE Simulation using VT7870 module
  • Smart Charge Communication between EV/EVSE
Turnkey Test Solutions development
Presentation focusing on:                                                                                                                                                  
  • Vector Capability
  • Existing Solutions as per customer requirements – Use cases
  • Consultancy
  • Coaching
Gateway ECU Simulation by VN8900 modular network interface
Live Demo & Experience:
  • Challenges in Gateway Developments in Mixed Architectures
  • Gateway ECU simulation with VN 89XX
16:15 Coffee Break & Official End of the Event


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Courtyard by Marriott Hinjewadi
S. No 19 & 20, P4, Phase 1,
Hinjewadi Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park,
Hinjewadi, Pune 411 057

Tel.: +91 20 4212 2222


Your Contact at Vector

Pushkar Sonar
Tel.: +91 – 20 – 6634 6600
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