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11:00 (Asia/Kolkata)

Duration: 60 mins

Language: English

Panelists: Srinivas Ravipati | Sunil Yadav

VectorCAST: Accelerating software delivery with Continuous Integration and VectorCAST

The increasing number of variants, growing complexity and ever shorter release cycles pose great challenges for developers of embedded software. Continuous integration can help to shorten development times. By combining VectorCAST with a continuous test process, a significant increase in quality can also be achieved.


By using VectorCAST Projects as the starting point for unit and system/integration testing. project teams can easily create test environments with common configuration settings, implement multi-target configurations, and then aggregate results across numerous test environments.


In this webinar, you will learn how continuous testing with VectorCAST Change Based Testing reduces the time and effort required for software testing. You will get to experience an interactive demonstration of a testing workflow that begins with VectorCAST Projects.



> What is Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing

> What are the advantages of CI\CT over traditional Software Development\Testing

> How VectorCAST integrates into CI\CT paradigm

> Live Demonstration

> Live Q&A


Target Group

> Embedded Software Engineers

> Software Developers


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