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11:00 (Asia/Kolkata)

Duration: 45 mins

Language: English

Panelists: Sunil Yadav | Hareesh Padaki

Complying with ISO26262 using VectorCAST

The VectorCAST family of tools supports the creation and management of test cases to prove that the low level software requirements have been tested and is also useful for a variety of robustness testing activities such as range and out of bounds testing. Additionally, the VectorCAST tools support the capture and reporting of structural code coverage at all levels required by ISO 26262.


Join us for the webinar where we will focus on the system level product development using VectorCAST for Functional Safety.



> Revisit to ISO 26262 and Functional Safety concepts

> Learn basics of ISO 26262 standard and its different parts

> Understanding Part 4 .i.e. Product Development at System Level

> How VectorCAST/QA could be used at system level testing and generating software quality matrix

> Understanding how Change Based Testing could be leveraged for shorter feedback look and faster software delivery

> How to generate quality metrics and other reports to meet quality goals and fulfill regulatory requirements

> Live Demonstration

> Live Q&A


Target Group

> Embedded Software Engineer

> Software Developers