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14:00 (Asia/Kolkata)

Duration: 60 mins

Language: English

Panelists: Sagar Shitole | Johannes Hoppe

PREEvision: Model-Based Wiring Harness Design

PREEvision enables development engineers in finding cost-optimized designs and working out all the details. PREEvision supports a comprehensive development from architecture design to series production. Due to the shared database in one integrated model, wiring harness engineers can use the data of the architecture design to elaborate the wiring harness in detail. In return, architects can use wiring harnesses of the series production for optimization.


In this webinar, we are going to demonstrate how to use PREEvision for designing the Wiring Harness.


The webinar starts with a brief introduction of PREEvision in general, the basic idea of a model-based approach and the benefits of one comprehensive data model in wiring harness design. In the following, the different steps of the wiring harness design will be explained step-by-step.

One will learn how to benefit of the integrated PREEvision Solution and how it simplifies series development of the wiring harness with PREEvision.

Target Group

> Wiring Harness Designers

> Electric Designers

> E/E Architects