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Webinar Recording


Duration: 60 minutes

Language: English


Daniel Simon, Head of Professional Services, Axivion | Lynda Gaines, Global Product Line Manager, Vector North America

Verify and Validate your Software Architecture

Do you know if your software architecture matches your software design? Do you want to validate your architecture? Join us to learn how you can verify your design and achieve architecture conformance in your software implementation.

Architecture verification is achieved by checking the structural model of your architecture against your software design. Axivion Suite can import structural models and mapping information from widely used UML tools such as Enterprise Architect and IBM Rational Rhapsody®.

Any mismatches between the architecture model and the code will be identified and the implementation and architecture can now be correlated in an iterative process which will result in a validated architecture. Once this goal is achieved, software architecture verification and thus architecture conformance checking can become an integral part of the CI process. Architecture violations will then be detected immediately and can be discussed and resolved at an early stage. This enables organizations to prevent an increase in technical debt thus making software maintenance faster and easier.

In this webinar we will discuss the following topics:

  • Why and When to Check Architecture
  • Model Import and Interpretation
  • Mapping Source Code to Architecture
  • Functional Architecture
  • Safety Architecture
  • Important!

    This is a joint webinar from Axivion and Vector North America. Your registration data will be made available to both organizations. Please do not register if you do not agree with this.