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Webinar Recording


Duration: 32 minutes

Language: English


Michal Olszacki

VectorCAST: Using VectorCAST Probe Points

With VectorCAST Probe Points, tests can be written to insert user-defined blocks of code, or probe points, before or after any executable statement. Probes can be inserted during unit, API, or system testing and are created and maintained on a per-unit basis in order to achieve a higher level of test coverage and completeness. By using Probe Points, there is a clear separation between your production code and your test code, eliminating the worry of inadvertently delivering potentially hazardous code to your customer.


During our Elevenses today, we cover how VectorCAST Probe Points can help you achieve your quality aspirations for your embedded software project.


You will learn:

- Capturing local variables during program execution

- Injecting spurious values to allow testing of error handling code

- Patching faulty code to test a fix prior to committing the change

- Debugging hard-to-trigger race conditions