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Webinar Recording


Duration: 60 minutes

Language: English


Jeffrey Fortin
Product Manager, VectorCAST
Vector North America
jeffrey.fortin@vector.com | 

Daniel Simon
Head of Professional Services

VectorCAST: How to Combine Static Analysis and Test Automation to Prevent Software Quality Erosion

Many development teams struggle with Software Erosion, meaning introducing quality problems and increasing technical debt as code changes over time.


Integrating Axivion Suite with VectorCAST enables the detection of cloning errors, dead code, and software complexity along with functional correctness. Changes needed to correct functional correctness are checked for Software Erosion.


Additionally, Axivion and VectorCAST support compliance to industry standards, such as MISRA C:2012, CWE, AUTOSAR C++14, and ISO 26262.


Join us for this complimentary webinar with our partner Axivion where we will demonstrate how you can use the VectorCAST test automation platform with Axivion Suite to create an efficient, fully integrated solution that will optimize the integrity of your software while saving time and cost.


You will learn more about:


- Software Erosion and how it affects your project

- Continuous mitigation of Software Erosion-induced risks

- Detecting costly, hard-to-find errors and vulnerabilities as early as possible

- The reciprocal benefits of using both Axivion and VectorCAST

- Automating testing for high quality software and improved test efficiency