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Webinar Recording


Duration: 62 minutes

Language: English


Marcelo Rosales, Sr. Project Engineer, Vector North America

Introduction to Communication Access Programming Language (CAPL)

The goal of this presentation is to assist Vector’s customers in becoming more aware of Vector’s Communication Access Programming Language (CAPL). CAPL is an event-controlled programming language used for stimulating, simulating, testing and diagnostics.

It allows programming of network node models (CANoe). It is also possible to use CAPL for problem-oriented analysis of data traffic or programming a gateway to exchange data between different busses. We will discuss what CAPL is, how it can expand the base functionality of Vector’s CANalyzer/CANoe tools, and other common CAPL use-cases. Attendees will gain the ability to increase the capabilities of the CANalyzer/CANoe software.

Prerequisite knowledge:

- An understanding of the PC environment

- A general knowledge of, or experience with, the C or C++ programming languages

- Elementary experience with Vector’s CANalyzer or CANoe software