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Webinar Recording


Duration: 40 minutes

Language: English


Waseem Ashraf

Collaborative working with VectorCAST Projects

Collaboration with employees has always been a key component of work culture. Now that we have built and set up our VectorCAST Project how can we share this efficiently amongst the Engineering Team?


During our Elevenses today, we will spend 20 minutes showing how multiple Engineers can write tests on the same VectorCAST Project


• Using a VectorCAST Project as a basis for Continuous Integration and collaborative working

• Minimal number of files required to store in repositories

• Merging environment/test cases written by multiple developers

• How to avoid static/fixed folder paths in vcast configuration files

• Change Based Testing - after getting the latest version, only build/execute test cases that are required


Please submit any questions or requests to nigel.rozier@vector.com and we can review these as topics for future Elevenses with VectorCAST.