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Webinar Recording


Duration: 57 minutes

Language: English


Kurt Krueger
Senior Field Applications Engineer

Coffee with Vector: System Testing with VectorCAST/QA and CANape

Combining VectorCAST/QA and CANape enables automation of some of your system test processes, especially when your system testing requires changing automotive calibrations.


A novel combination of CANape and VectorCAST/QA brings new possibilities to your system testing processes. First, you can leverage CANape’s powerful scripting language to write calibration-related black box system tests. Then these tests can then be easily automated and repeated with VectorCAST/QA and your Continuous Integration platform.


VectorCAST/QA will not only report on pass/fail metrics, but it will also instrument your application to collect code coverage metrics, allowing you to clearly see what areas of the code were executed for each set of calibrations.


In this webinar, we will present the theory behind these features and show a live demo. Come and assess for yourself if this novel combination of these proven solutions can expand your system testing while also reducing your testing time and optimizing your test cases.