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Webinar Recording


Duration: 61 minutes

Language: English


Tim Schneider, Senior Field Applications Engineer

Coffee with Vector: Improving your Testing Efficiency

Learn how to improve your VectorCAST testing efficiency by using Continuous Test, Change-Based Testing, and parallelization of test execution.

The total time to run software tests for large scale systems can grow to exceed the time allocated for a typical “nightly run.” When this happens, testing will be performed less frequently or less thoroughly, increasing the time it takes to find bugs. By using Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins, software programs can take advantage of the advanced, built-in parallel build and execution framework.

In addition to the benefits of parallel test execution, coupling Continuous Integration with VectorCAST’s change-based testing capability reduces the time it takes to test individual code changes. This means that regression errors can be found more quickly. Join us in this interactive demonstration of an improved testing workflow featuring VectorCAST and Jenkins.