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Webinar Recording


Duration: 60 minutes

Language: English

Panelists: Arlinda Elmazi

Mapping AUTOSAR Runnables Efficiently by Considering Communication Overheads and Timing Behavior in the Design P

Integration of AUTOSAR runnables to a set of tasks directly impacts the data flow, timing constraints and the performance of ECU systems.

Timing and performance analysis are usually conducted in late stages of the development only when issues arise. Furthermore, as the complexity of software in vehicles increases due to the urge to bring more innovative features, integration of AUTOSAR applications becomes even more challenging. Therefore, tooling support for runnable mapping and consideration of timing and performance aspects, already at the design phase before the system runs on the target, is needed.

This webinar shows features of TA Tool Suite’s option TA.Design which enable the integration of new SWCs to an existing ECU runtime architecture more efficiently to improve the existing integrations. Additionally, best-practices for runnable mapping show how to analyze runnables dependencies and explore mapping effects with regards to communications overheads. Finally, an outlook on upcoming features for the consideration of timing constraints during ECU integration will be presented.