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Webinar Recording


Duration: 49 minutes

Language: English


Derek Opitz
Field Applications Engineer, Team Lead

Coffee with Vector: VectorCAST/QA Workflows and Best Practices

VectorCAST/QA 2020 introduced valuable changes to project creation. Learn how this new workflow will improve VectorCAST/QA automation and re-usability for your team.


The workflow supported by the 2020 release of VectorCAST/QA has been improved to streamline how projects are created, used, and checked in to SCM. This results in highly portable projects. We are going to present these new features and discuss workflows and best practices for VectorCAST/QA.


We will demonstrate how to use VectorCAST 2020 to create a VectorCAST/QA project, present a few interesting workflows, and talk about what needs to be checked into SCM once your project is complete. Then we will show how to run the VectorCAST/QA regression scripts that were checked into source control against new code releases to recreate the project from scratch and instrument all your source code. Best practices will also be added along the way to keep things interesting.