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Webinar Recording


Duration: 44 minutes

Language: English

Panelists: Jan Taube and Peter Decker

Introduction to CAN XL – CAN Moves Into the 10 Mbit/s Domain

Find out how the established CAN technology advances with CAN XL into the 10 Mbit/s domain. Will it be possible to support modern middleware-based communication concepts? Our CAN experts will present you everything you need to know and look forward to answering your questions


  1. CAN XL basics – the main protocol concepts
  2. CAN XL physical layer – advantages and limits
  3. CAN XL and Ethernet – how does it fit together?
  4. Outlook: CAN XL and Middleware  – a glimpse into the future
  5. Summary


Target group: Network/System designers, ECU developers and test engineers

User profile: All people interested in the CAN technology