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Webinar Recording


Duration: 60 minutes

Language: English

Panelists: Vance Hilderman (AFuzion), Ingo Nickles (Vector), Winfried Schröder (Vector)

VectorCAST: Optimization of Safety-Critical Software Methods, Requirements and Tests

The current crisis and the need of medical ventilation systems clearly shows how important safety-critical systems can be for each of us. However, the software used in these systems is becoming ever more extensive, complex and autonomous. Complex systems in the automotive industry, avionics, medical technology and the railway industry pose manufacturers the question of whether their software development techniques can keep up with this development. This joint webinar from AFuzion and Vector summarizes the upcoming changes to software development and offers best practices for security-critical software methods, requirements and tests.



Summary of historical software development methods

Latest software development of best practices for security critical development

Role of software requirements versus testing

Best practices for software testing for the future

Summary and questions and answers




Vance Hilderman is the founder, CEO and CTO of AFuzion, the world's largest provider of development and certification services for aviation. He has a BSEE, MSEE (Hughes Fellow) MBA and is a world-renowned expert and published author in DO-178C, DO-254, DO-278A, DO-200A / B, ISO 26262 and ARP4754A


Ingo Nickles is a Senior Field Application Engineer at Vector, where he is responsible for customer and project support. He has more than 25 years of professional experience in the areas of software development, system design, software testing and agile development methods.


Winfried Schroeder is Business Development Manager at Vector Informatik and has been responsible for sales and marketing of software development tools for more than 20 years that require an explanation.