Webinar Recording


Duration: 50 minutes

Language: English


Jeffrey Fortin, Product Manager, VectorCAST

What's New in VectorCAST 2019

VectorCAST 2019 offers groundbreaking enhancements to improve testing productivity along with extended support for C++. VectorCAST 2019 is the latest offering of the award winning VectorCAST test automation platform used by companies for decades to improve software quality, manage risk and to comply with industry safety regulations for high integrity embedded systems.


Join us for a complimentary webinar on April 25th as we cover how VectorCAST 2019 can help you achieve your quality aspirations for your embedded software project. You will learn how to:


- Generate and understand the new report formats

- Use the new “Test Values” dictionary for adding test-only symbolic constants to your test cases

- Generate Flowgraphs to display and graphically visualize control flow and code coverage

- Use VectorCAST to stub functions in C++ templates

- Meet the installation requirements for running VectorCAST 2019

- Use the new keyboard shortcuts for quick access to common functions