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Webinar Recording


Duration: 32 minutes

Language: English

Panelists: Seabstian Ziegler, Felix Martin

Efficient Run-Time Analysis of AUTOSAR Classic Projects with OS and RTE Tracing

This webinar shows how the dynamic behavior of the software architecture can be measured at run-time with no or only minimum overhead and evaluated off the target ECU.

Many multi-core features and techniques to utilize ECUs result in intervening into the scheduling behavior. With ongoing ECU project development, multiple software vendors as well as a considerable amount of configuration parameters to play with, the effects of those after integration at run-time become hardly foreseeable.

An optimal solution is to trace the OS and RTE behavior with the trace debugger from iSYSTEM and evaluate the trace measurement afterwards offline with TA Tool Suite from Vector.


  • Recording the system behavior without or with only minimal instrumentation code via hardware tracing
  • Run-time analysis of the software architecture
  • Calculation of resource consumption parameters, such as CPU load, response time and other metrics
  • Regression testing of timing requirements through complete automation
  • Necessary steps to integrate this solution

Target Group

  • System Architects

  • ECU Tester
  • Project Managers
  • Software Integrators