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Webinar Recording


Duration: 109 minutes

Language: English

Panelists: Vance Hilderman (AFuzion), Ingo Nickles (Vector), Winfried Schröder (Vector)

Future trends in safety-critical software development

Safety-critical development has rapidly emerged from its former specialty status to a mainstream juggernaut with tens of billions of Euros/Dollars in annual sales. While once a tiny specialized area, today’s IOT and reliability demands mandate “safety” throughout almost all areas of software development: automotive, aerospace, railway, industrial control, and even online transaction processing. Software cannot be made safe after it is developed so safety-critical and high-reliability software must undergo specialized design, validation, implementation, and verification: the very areas where technological change and evolution may appear to be diverging. So future safety-critical technological success requires an understanding of dynamics and predicting the future. This one-hour webinar provides AFuzion’s and Vector’s bold predictions for the near-future of safety-critical software development and what you’ll need to succeed. This webinar will address new technologies, methodologies, tools, and knowledge which will be necessary to compete in tomorrow’s world, today.