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Webinar Recording


Duration: 29 minutes

Language: English

Panelists: Daniel Hirsch and Thomas Jannuschke

CANdelaStudio – Authoring Tool for ECU Diagnostic Specification

In this webinar you will get an overview about CANdelaStudio as a specification tool and central component of Vectors CANdela approach. CANdelaStudio supports the user in the acquisition and processing of ECU diagnostic data and diagnostic functionalities.

The acquisition of the data is done in a XML data base. This data is electronically available for the subsequent process steps in the diagnostic development of an ECU.


  • CANdelaStudio in General
  • ODX support
  • Showing the template concept that ensures a consistent development process
  • Features of CANdelaStudio
  • Tool demonstration
  • How to develop an ECU diagnostic specification


Target Group

  • System Engineer
  • Diagnostic Development Engineer