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Webinar Recording


Duration: 55 minutes

Language: English

Panelists: Christian Nahlik and Mirko Donatzer

CANoe .Scope - Automated Physical Layer Analysis with Vector CAPL Interface

The option .Scope is an integrated time synchronized oscilloscope solution for CANoe. It is indispensable to analyze the physical and data link layer of modern vehicle networks at the same time.

The goal of this webinar is to introduce the .Scope user into the CAPL based programming interface. The entire test development process from test definition up to result evaluation and documentation will be described with help of two analysis examples for CAN messages. Depicted features are the Bit Analysis and Transition Time Measurement.



  1. Product Concept
  2. Hardware Prerequisites
    • Oscilloscope
    • Vector Interface
  3. CAPL Function Overview
    • Scope Control (Connect, Disconnect, Trigger…)
    • Bit Analysis / Bitmasks
    • Transition Time Measurements
  4. Test Workflow
    • Defining test cases for SUT
    • Implement test cases in CAPL
    • Provide trigger conditions in your code
    • Embed test cases in CANoe test environment (TFS, VTestStudio)
    • Setup oscilloscope
    • Run test and evaluate results
    • Create reports for documentation


  5. Examples

    • Transition Time Measurement
    • Bit Analysis


  7. Summary / Outlook

Target Group

ECU developers, network designers and test engineers.

User Profile
CANoe and .Scope users with base knowledge in CAPL programming.