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How to Speed Up Software Application Development

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Accelerated development and simplified testing of medical electronics: In compact "Ward Rounds with Vector" online sessions, we present various development solutions for electronics and software in medical technology applications. Next stop:

How to Speed Up Software Application Development

24. November | AM 9:30 CET | Online Session

Change code, compile it, flash it to hardware. Measure the results, draw your conclusions. Change code again, compile, flash. And so on and so forth. If you adjust parameters in an embedded system, you probably know this typical process all too well. And how much time it costs you. But there is a way to save a lot of time per run: By making the changes directly in the embedded system. Without compiling and flashing. How to do that? We would like to show you in our short presentation. Just register and make a round with our experts. We look forward to seeing you!


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