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Vector Testing Day #1 – Focus: ADAS | V2X

Experience „live“ the latest new developments in software quality assurance and testing with a focus on ADAS and V2X.


At Vector Testing Day #1 on September 30, 2021, we will be giving you an interesting and diverse overview of current trends and innovative solutions related to the topic of testing software and electronic components in the area of ADAS and V2X.

As an IT manager, test manager or test specialist you can learn – based on practical examples in your field of work – how to use professional tests to recognize and correct problems quickly, minimize risks and assure the quality of your electronic components.

Interested? - Then register now. Participation in this online event series is free of charge to you. 

9:00 am - 11:00 am

Connect with Experts

Delve deeply into into the field of testing ADAS and V2X systems with presentations of experts from well-known companies and institutions.

Benefit from progress reports on topics including:


Lecture language: German and English with simultaneous translation in both languages.

09:00 am Welcome
Jochen Neuffer,
09:10 am
Should we Reuse Tests for Autonomous Vehicles?
Recorded journeys cannot normally be reused as tests for autonomous vehicles or ADAS! If minor changes to a system mean that "interesting" behaviors of the system are no longer provoked at all, such as a vehicle changing lanes, then it is unclear whether this test should really be conducted. We
  • discuss the question of what makes a test case "good";
  • present methodology and technology for generating scenario-based test cases;
  • discuss the possibilities of clustering recorded journeys and
  • address the problem of meaningful end-of-test criteria.
Prof. Dr. Alexander Pretschner,
Technical University of Munich
09:40 am
Automated Parking – an Underestimated Use Case
  • Following trajectories with centimeter precision while driving very slowly is hard work for vehicle control
  • Highly variable environment as constant safety risk: traffic, pedestrians, animals, obstacles, weather, lighting
  • Thousands of test scenarios call for virtualized testing
  • No trivial task: complex vehicle dynamics simulation, consistent and precise 3D sensor simulation, direct sensor data injection, everything in realtime and ready for automation
  • A productive solution: combination of Vector and Expleo tools in the test process of an OEM
  • Bonus feature: training data for camera-based localization as “bycatch”
Philipp Eick,
10:10 am
Car2x-Communication - Cities as Drivers of Innovation 
This presentation will give an insight into the innovation topic Car2X from the perspective of an infrastructure operator.
Problems such as time, planning security and the question, "which came first: the chicken or the egg?" will be dealt with. Finally, it will be shown what the digital 'traffic light' looks like in practice and what is still to come in the future. 
Simon Rittig,
City of Stuttgart
Civil Engineering Office - Signal Technology
Jochen Neuffer,
11:00 am End  


03:00 pm - 04:00 pm

Explore new Tech

Meet experts from Vector's development area and become familiar with techniques and tools that will help you with your everyday work in the test area of ADAS and V2X systems.


Lecture language: German and English with simultaneous translation in both languages.

03:00 pm Welcome
Jochen Neuffer,
03:10 pm
- Develop and Test Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Automated Driving (AD) Functions
- Influence of V2X systems on future driver assistance systems
Live demonstration of the
  • Vector ADAS/AD Testing Solution using the SIL workflow as an example
  • V2X Testing Solution
ADAS/AD Function
  • Integration into test environment
  • Specifics of the test vectors
  • Generate
    • Roads/infrastructure
    • Traffic (scenario-based/stochastic)
    • environment
    • V2X events
  • flexible parameterization
Virtual Prototype 
  • Simulation environment: DYNA4
    • Ego-vehicle models
    • Driver model
    • Sensor models provide physical signals or object lists 
Test Execution and Automation
  • Test authoring with vTESTstudio
  • Test execution based on CANoe
  • Reduce test cycle time through arbitrary scaling
    • Parallel/distributed execution
    • Cloud computing
    • Integration into CI/CT pipeline
  • Saving of result data
  • Recognition of performance limits of the tested systems
Martin Vögel,
Jens Buttgereit,
Jochen Neuffer,
04:00 pm End  


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