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Vector Virtual Sessions - AUTOSAR Adaptive
Expertise, Market Development, Global Trends
Vector Event

2020-09-14 - 2020-09-18

Vector Virtual Sessions 2020 - AUTOSAR Adaptive

Broaden your knowledge at the Vector Virtual Sessions - AUTOSAR Adaptive on September 14th - 18th, 2020

Passion for Digital

Gain new expertise in compact sessions.
Gain new expertise in compact sessions.

From our home office to you!

Wherever you work, it is easier than ever to obtain first-hand, in-depth knowledge of AUTOSAR Adaptive from our experts.

Find out everything to the software standard for high-performance ECUs: workflows & tools, important features, current market development and global trends.

8 Sessions plus Q&A

The Vector experts will hold all presentations in English.

Our experts will present in 20 – 30-minute sessions everything important about the standard for high-performance ECUs.

We will publish eight presentations in calendar week 37/2020. So you have the opportunity to watch the lectures within seven days. Whenever you want.

Q&A Sessions

One week later (cw 38/2020) we look forward to your questions and suggestions, which our experts will answer live in the Q&A sessions. We will offer you two dates per topic.


Q&A Sessions

Q&A Sessions
Dates (CESM)
Introduction to AUTOSAR Adaptive
Mirko Tischer
2020-09-15, 08:00
2020-09-16, 17:00
Modeling of Service-Oriented Architectures in Vehicles
Marcelino Varas
2020-09-14, 08:00
2020-09-14, 17:00
ECU Development with AUTOSAR Adaptive
Mirko Tischer
2020-09-16, 09:00
2020-09-17, 18:00
Diagnostics of AUTOSAR Adaptive ECUs
Wigbert Knape
2020-09-16, 08:00
2020-09-16, 18:00
Measurement and Calibration with AUTOSAR Adaptive
Stephan Herzog
2020-09-15, 17:00
2020-09-17, 09:00
Simulation and Testing of AUTOSAR Adaptive ECUs
Thomas Drexler
2020-09-18, 09:00
2020-09-18, 17:00
AUTOSAR adaptive: News and Outlook
Hannes Haas
2020-09-15, 09:00
2020-09-17, 17:00
Managing the Run-Time Behavior of AUTOSAR Adaptive ECUs
Sebastian Ziegler
2020-09-15, 18:00
2020-09-17, 08:00


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