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We Show Everything
Meet Our Minds and Makers on 1,000 Square Meter Exhibiton Space
We Show What Is Possible
Be Inspired by Exhibits and Get Involved in Live-Demos
We Show Ways
Gain an Impuls for Your Expertise by Workshops and Presentations
Vector Event

2019-10-23 - 2019-10-24

Böblingen, Germany

Vector Technology Days 2019

The complete Vector portfolio in a unique event: October 23-24, 2019 in Böblingen, Germany.

Plenty of Room for Solutions That Take You Ahead!

Vector Technology Days 2019 is the place to be for engineers, who want to shape the future of automotive electronics. October 23/24 we show how Vector solutions enables you to achieve this goal: Meet our minds and makers on 1,000 mexhibition space! Be inspired by exhibits and get involved in live demos! Gain an impulse for your expertise by workshops and presentations!

What to Expect

Whether it’s ADAS, model-based E/E development, AUTOSAR Adaptive, black/white box testing, OTA/connectivity solutions, safety or security: Explore the complete Vector portfolio at the Vector Technology Days! We will present development solutions for fifteen automotive topics, accompanied by expert discussions and live demonstrations. Our developers and experts look forward to sharing their knowledge and experience with you!

Focusing on the Essentials

We’ll supply you with compact summaries of trends and topics that will determine tomorrow’s mobility.

Face-To-Face, as Long, as It Takes

Tell us what you need to know! Whether it’s Vector tool chains, linking of third-party tools or special interest topics: We’re there to help you and will leave no question unanswered.

Vector Tools in Action

Go beyond theory and see automotive technologies in actual practice. You’ll find more than 50 items on exhibit plus demonstrations to give you hands-on experience!

Products and Tools Developed to Meet Your Needs

What feature would you like to see in a product if you had the choice? Here’s your chance: Contact our engineers and take an active part in the development process!

During the Day, in the Evening, Short or Long

It is your choice: We’ll take time to talk about what’s important to you, even after business hours. We’re on stand-by until 6 pm, and our experts will be glad to discuss your needs in detail.

Impulses for Your Expertise

Our hands-on workshops and technical presentations deal with topics that will play a key role in tomorrow’s mobility. And they’ll demonstrate technical solutions. Gain impulses for your expertise in the morning and afternoon of both days.

How to Take Part

You're in? Great!

Please leave your name and email, we will contact you as soon as the registration is available!

Is It Worth It?

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Anyway, two years ago, we asked our visitors for some words of feedback. The result: 100 percent said they would recommend the Vector Technology Days to others. Maybe this review will convince you to visit the Vector Technology Days 2019 in October? We would be very happy about that!


MOTORWORLD Region Stuttgart
71034 Böblingen
Motorworld Böblingen


Travel directions

By public transportation
From Stuttgart Airport: S2, S1, 22 min
From Stuttgart Main Train Station: S1, 25 min
Böblingen train stop. Five minutes of walking from there.

By car
Via autobahn (freeway) A81, exit 23 Böblingen/Sindelfingen. (Route planner)
Free parking at the event site.

Hotels near the area


How are the opening hours?

The exhibition is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on both days.


How much time should I plan?

Two hours will be enough time to find out about the Vector Portfolio at all 15 - 20 stands. Experts are available if you wish to discuss any issues in more depth. You can also take part in workshops (registration is needed) and technical presentations throughout the day.


Do I have to register?

Yes. To help us plan the event more effectively and to make your visit to us as successful as possible, it would be best if you were to register. The event is open for registration from the end of Augsut 2019.


Does the event cost anything?

No. The event is free of charge.


Does the event take place every year?

No. The Vector Technology Days are held every two years, alternating with the Vector Congress which is every other year.


Is there anything to eat?

Yes. Food and refreshments will be provided.


Is it possible to make an appointment?

Yes. Just get in touch with your sales contact.


Missing your question?

Contact us at event@vector.com.


Vector Informatik GmbH
Event Team
Ingersheimer Str. 24
70499 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 (0) 711 80670 5050

E-mail: event@vector.com