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Stuttgart (Germany)

Vector Automotive Ethernet Symposium 2019

Through applications in the areas of ADAS, infotainment and connectivity, Ethernet technology has made the breakthrough in vehicles. Together with us, dare to look ahead to the coming developments.


7 Speakers and 190 Experts

On 2th of April 2019, the Wagenhallen in Stuttgart opened their doors for the 4th Vector Automotive Ethernet Symposium. More than 200 experts discussed Automotive Ethernet. In 7 presentations - by Infineon, NXP, TÜV-Nord and Vector - the speakers showed the current status and presented solutions for the upcoming challenges.

The presentations were rounded off with an exhibition in which Vector presented its tools and solutions for various aspects of Automotive Ethernett. Reason enough for the participants to have more in-depth conversations during the coffee breaks and also after the lectures.


Presentations and Speakers
10 Mbps Ethernet Technology and the Challenges Facing Automotive Microcontrollers
Harald Zweck, Infineon
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OPEN Alliance TC 10 Sleep/Wake-up Capable PHYs
Günter Sporer, NXP Semiconductors
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Service Oriented Architecture and Ethernet Design
Marcelino Varas, Vector
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Time Sensitive Networking from a Tools Perspective
Michael Hutchison, Vector
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Get a Grip on High Data Rates while Testing Automotive Ethernet Networks
Matthias Schwedt, Vector
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Ethernet ECU Conformance Testing and Network Validation
Tobias Olschewski, TÜV-Nord
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TLS Secured Connections in CANoe
Peter Fellmeth, Vector
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Interactive Poll

As part of the Automotive Ethernet Symposium, we asked the participants about current topics and trends. Here you can see the questions and answers.

Vector Ethernet Solution

Vector offers a wide range of sophisticated tools, basic software and competent services for all aspects of Automotive Ethernet. This simplifies the design, implementation and testing of Ethernet-based distributed systems in the vehicle. An overview of all Ethernet products and their application areas can be found on the following webpage.

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