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2019-05-06 - 2019-05-07

Stuttgart (Germany)

Vector Testing Symposium 2019 | Germany

Experience „live“ the latest new developments in software quality assurance and testing in the automotive, avionic and medical devices industries.


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At the 5th Vector Testing Symposium being held on May 6 & 7, 2019,  in Stuttgart (Germany), we will be giving you an interesting overview of current trends and innovative solutions related to the topic of testing of software and systems.

Benefit from the know-how of presenters who work in the areas of research, development and production and talk with industry colleagues directly – right at the event site and in a congenial atmosphere.

Interested? Then save the date! Participation is free-of-charge to you.

More about the symposium and the possibility to register will follow at the beginning of next year. As a foretaste we recommend our review of the Testing Symposium of 2018 below.


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Testing Symposium 2018

A Short Review and a Big Thank You!

Two days of pure information from the topic of "Software quality assurance and testing in the automotive and commercial vehicle industry" have successfully come to an end.

We would like to thank all the participants, speakers, exhibitors from Germany and abroad for their technical expertise, intensive discussions and valuable feedback!

The recordings and presentation slides you will find on the tab "Conference Day".

Workshop Day:

Explore new Tech

Getting to know techniques and tools that help with the daily work in the testing area: that's what it was all about on the first day.

The hands-on workshops were conducted by experts from the training and development sectors.

03:30 pm
03:45 pm
04:00 pm
  • Track 1: Vector Testing Portfolio for Beginners
  • Track 2: vTeststudio - Graphical Test Design and Traceability
  • Track 3: VT System - Solutions for Advanced Users
  • Track 4: CANoe - Open Environment
  • Track 5: Virtual Validation with vVIRTUALtarget and DYNA4
  • Track 6: VectorCAST - Improve Software Quality through Tests
07:30 pm
Group Dinner and Networking


Conference Day:

Connect with Experts

Technical presentations by experts from well-known companies, who are deeply involved in the field of testing, was the focus of the second day.

The event was moderated by Prof. Juergen Minuth, University of Applied Sciences, Esslingen.


 All presentations can be downloaded from the agenda below.

Thomas Riegraf, Vector
Automated Testing of Autonomous Driving Assistance Systems
Prof. Lionel C. Briand, University of Luxembourg
Systematic Testing of Charging Communication
  • SCC Conformance Test Package
  • Development systematics
  • Exemplary implementation with CANoe + vTESTstudio
  • Ensuring product quality / "Test-the-Tester“
Stefan Beer, P3 System GmbH
On Board Charger (OBC) Testing for Electric Vehicles (EVs)
Vector VT System use-case for EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) and EVB (Electric Vehicle Battery) simulation on Hardware In the Loop environment
  • HIL Testing
  • EV Simulation for OBC
  • ISO15118/Smart Charge
Dr. Alessandro Pevere, Meta System
Coffee Break & Trade Exhibition
Test Automation for Agricultural Machines
  • Coverage of a wide range of variants
  • Modularity
  • Machine / ECU abstraction
Daniel Wernsmann, Krone
Sebastian Grüppen, Krone
Environmental Test Equipment based on Vector Technologies CANoe, FDX, FMI/FMU, VT System, VN devices
Construction of scalable and modular test equipment or environmental tests using only standard components
Ovidiu Epure, Continental
⇒ Download this presentation (PDF)
Achieving FDA Compliance within Tight Deadlines
A Case Study
  • Software testing
  • Functional safety
  • Medical devices
Hossam Yahia, Brightskies
Lunch Break & Trade Exhibition
Following in Deming’s Footsteps to Improve Software Quality
SW Testing at the End of the Development Process
How to avoid late testing
  • Testing is at the end of the process - no escape!
  • SW release details must be defined
  • Clear software test strategy - how?
Software Unit Testing: Aerospace Best Practices Usable in Autonomous Vehicles?
Unit tests have been practiced in aerospace for 30 years. What practical experience can be transferred to automotive applications?
  • Unit test considerations
  • Comparision between the industry sectors related to unit testing
  • Best practise in aerospace
Martin Heininger, HEICON
Coffee Break & Trade Exhibition
Industrialization of MPT EoL Testbenches
Realization with the Vector Function Call Framework
  • Vector VN89xx platform
  • EoL testbenches in the assembly area
  • Change-based test selection
  • IoT connection
Josef Haring, Magna
Vector Testing Solution – News and Outlook
Ute Katranski, Vector
Dr. Heiner Hild, Vector
⇒ Download this presentation (PDF)
Dr. Stefan Krauß, Vector


Watch all presentations of the Testing Symposium 2018 as video now.

Lecture 01: Prof. Lionel C. Briand, University of Luxembourg
Lecture 02: Stefan Beer, P3 System GmbH
Lecture 03: Dr. Alessandro Pevere, Meta System
Lecture 04: Daniel Wernsmann, Krone, Sebastian Grueppen, Krone
Lecture 05: Ovidiu Epure, Continental
Lecture 06: Hossam Yahia, Brightskies
Lecture 07: John Paliotta, Vector
Lecture 08: Mohamed Samy, Valeo
Lecture 09: Martin Heininger, HEICON
Lecture 10: Josef Haring, Magna
Lecture 11: Ute Katranski, Vector, Dr. Heiner Hild, Vector

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