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Vector Cybersecurity Symposium 2017

Almost 200 visitors came together to the Vector Cybersecurity Symposium on October 12th in Stuttgart. We thank all speakers and participants from Germany and abroad for the exchange of experiences and valuable feedback!


Connecting Network Anomaly Detection and ECU Integrity Protection Systems to a Cloud-based Security Operations Center
Dr. André Weimerskirch, Lear
Example of security integration with E/E architecture
Yasuaki Morita, Toyota
Vehicle Key Management – Challenges for Standardization
Dr. Eduard Metzker, Vector Informatik GmbH
Trusted Platform Module - Automotive Applications and Demarcation from HSM  
Herr Brunner, Infineon
Security of Connected Autonomous Cars
Prof. Dr. Frank Kargl, Universität Ulm
Systems Engineering and Security Requirements for Connectivity
Frank Kirschke-Biller, Ford
Security Check
Dr. Christof Ebert, Vector Consulting Services
How to make Security Testing more efficient
Matthias Brenner, Vector Informatik GmbH
Automotive Penetration Testing
Gerhard Klostermeier, SySS GmbH



In the accompanying exhibition, our specialists presented the latest developments:

  • Fuzz testing with CANoe, a building block in your security testing strategy
  • Authorized access to protected ECUs and networks with the Vector Security Manager
  • Efficient certificate management with the Security Manager
  • Blocking unwanted communication with the new embedded Ethernet firewall
  • Secure communication with the SecOC mechanisms of AUTOSAR
  • Secure and high-performance TLS communication with the MICROSAR modules vTLS and vHSM
  • Secure software downloads, remote diagnosis and data acquisition for Big-Data using OTA technology
  • Systematic security engineering with the Security Check