ODXStudio 4.1 Patch 1

Category : Service Pack
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Size : 97.24 MB
MD5 hash : 7bbb780e8e635942ca2530808b23d0b6

Updates existing installations of version 4.1 to 4.1 Patch 1. Not suitable for older versions.

With ODXStudio 4.1 Patch 1, the following changes become effective:

Issues solved

  • Used segments list is sortable (ODXS-42841)
    (GUI) A double click on column headers tiggered a sort action even if a list should not be sortable at all.
  • "Insufficient Memory" error while creating flashware for large flashfiles (> 9GB) (ODXS-42839)
    (ODX-F) Large binary files where loaded into memory unnecessarily.
  • Wildcard is not evaluated correctly for Security Plugin (ODXS-42813)
    (ODX-F MB) Wildcards in filenames where not handled correctly any more.
  • Texttable with bytelen 4093 breaks ODXStudio (ODXS-42791)
    (Framework) Texttables with bytelen > 4 Bytes could break ODXStudio.
  • Diagnostic Class of a Service cannot be set (ODXS-42840)
    (ODX-D) The diagnostic class of a service could not be set any more.


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