vFlash 3.1 SP2 Patch 2

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Updates existing installations of version 3.1 to 3.1 SP2 Patch 2. Not suitable for older versions.

New features and improvements

  • Allow switching applications on VN8810. (EIP00040586)
    vFlash (as vFlash Compact edition) can also be used on the standalone diagnostic device VN8810. The device can be controlled via a web application which may even run on a wirelessly connected smart device. It is now possible to switch from vFlash Compact to another application installed on the device.
  • Support new VN5640 as Ethernet Network Interface. (EIP00041263)
    The VN5640 has just been released. vFlash now also fully supports this device as Ethernet Network Interface for DoIP and SoAd communication.
  • Support DoIP Activation Line also for VN5610A and VN5640. (EIP00041418)
    The new Vector Ethernet Network Interfaces VN5610A and VN5640 offer a DoIP Activation Line. It is now possible to also use the Activation Line on these devices.
  • DoIP: Support DHCPv4 in addition to using static IP address assignment. (EIP00041120)
    Flashing supports flashing via DoIP. Vector offers Ethernet Network Interfaces (e.g. VN5610A) that are directly accessed and configured. So neither a reconfiguration of the Windows Firewall is required nor a reconfiguration of the Windows adapter address. Starting with this version not only statically assigned addresses are usable but also addresses received from a DHCPv4 server.

Issues solved

  • Entering FlexRay Tester Address fails. (EIP00040314)
    When a new FlexRay project is created a Tester Address has to be entered as one part of the communication parameter set. However, the new address was not accepted by vFlash anymore.
  • Initializing communication fails in case an older Vector Network Interface driver (version 9.2.22 and older) is installed. (EIP00040293)
    vFlash could not initialize communication if an older Vector Network Interface driver was installed. The driver version had to be at least 9.3.24. If an older driver version was used vFlash reported "Initialize Communication Failed". Now also old drivers are accepted again.
  • Closing vFlash by DiVa may take long time. (EIP41421)
    DiVa uses vFlash to execute flash tests. In certain situations it took several seconds when DiVa triggered closing vFlash.
  • Some smaller issues solved.


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