vFlash 2.6 SP3

Updates existing installations of version 2.6 to 2.6 SP3. Not suitable for older versions.

New features and improvements

  • vFlash Automation Dlls interacting also with later vFlash versions. (EIP00033022)
    The vFlash Automation Dll provides the API to integrate flash functionality into a customer application. It is now possible to use older Dlls but interacting with later vFlash installations.

Issues solved

  • Binary data were incorrectly identified as HEX data. (EIP00033481)
    vFlash does not only evaluate the file ending to differentiate between HEX data and binary data but also analyzes the content. In certain situations a file was identified as HEX file although it was a file with purely binary data - the subsequent processing failed. Now a more detailed check is implemented.
  • ODX-F: Loading vFlash project failed in case a SeedExtension was required, but the used ODX-F did not contain any. (EIP00033356)
    In case a referenced ODX-F file defines a SeedExtension, vFlash extracts this SeedExtension and automatically fills the SeedExtension field. Loading a vFlash project failed, if a SeedExtension was not defined in the ODX-F file but the template required a SeedExtension.
  • Some smaller issues solved.


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