vTESTstudio 1.1.43 SP3

Updates existing installations of version 1.1 to 1.1 SP3. The service pack requires an existing installation of version 1.1 and is not suitable for other versions. An activated license of vTESTstudio 1.1 is also valid for the service pack.

Minimum required CANoe version: 8.2 SP3

This service pack fixes some minor issues in the following components:

Parameter Editor:

  • Drag & drop of values of a list parameter now works as expected.
  • No more flicker when adding values to a list of parameters.
  • Deleting a member of a struct list works as expected.
  • For variant dependent parameters the name of the variant property is shown in the Parameter Editor.

Test Diagram Editor:

  • Copy & paste of graphical elements between two diagrams now works as expected.

CAPL Editor:

  • Issues fixed related to the usage of include files.


  •  [F6] is supported as shortcut to build all test units.


Size : 522.12 MB
MD5 hash : 5f4f6e1573a720b18be8bc239982fd8e
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