CANdelaStudio 8.0 SP2 Patch 6

Updates existing installations of version 8.0 to 8.0 SP2 Patch 6. Not suitable for versions older than 8.0.

Daimler users: please get additional patches via the diagnostics portal!


With Patch 6 for Service Pack 2, the following changes become effective:

Latest MDX 4.0 Export Patches (Ford)

Includes MDX 4.0 Export 8.0 SP2 Patch 1 (2014-06-18)

  • Only combine UDS and OBD Dids resp. Routines if relevant properties of instance and parameter exactly matches (EIP30734)
  • Export of negative 4 byte signed default values (EIP30735)
  • Make error message 5039 related to text table field data type clearer (EIP30736)
  • Make error message 8821 related to text table field data type more precise (EIP30737)
  • Only for MDX40Export: Export EcuReset DiagInstance descriptions for service 11 (EIP30738)
  • Only in MDX 40 Export: Allow to have 0 Routines. (EIP30741)
  • Allow to have 0 DTCs (in MDX30Export and MDX40Export) (EIP31095)
  • Enhance Fixed Bytes Export: Support Powertrain 5 Bytes Encryption in MDX 4.0 for level 01-1F (EIP30739)
  • Correct Algorithm Name to "Ford_Development_Encryption_Prg_2012" (EIP31966)

Includes MDX 4.0 Export 8.0 SP2 Patch 2 (2014-07-03)

  • Correct FordDevelopmentEncryptionApp2012 (EIP32297)

Includes MDX 4.0 Export 8.0 SP2 Patch 3 (2014-09-24)

  • Fixed Bytes: Don't allow mixtures of length in VSG dependent Export: Either all 5 or all 12 bytes (EIP30740)
  • Export of SPECIAL_VALUES (i.e. Invalid Values for Linear Data Types) (EIP31963)
  • Correct fixed bytes error message (EIP30733)

Data Exchange

  • Latest 8.0 SP2 versions of other data exchange components


With Patch 1 for Service Pack 2, the following changes become effective:

Issues solved

  • CANdelaStudio crashes if started from CANoe (EIP31565)
  • Allow export in view edition does not work via command line (EIP31571)


With Service Pack 2, the following changes become effective:

Issues solved

  • Crash when using F6 key (EIP31073)
    F6 key in States | Defaults
  • Prevent from crash on importing from Medialec (EIP30931)
    (customer specific)
  • Invalid values of unsigned int data type in CDI are not imported correctly (EIP30930)
  • ODX Import overwrites DTC Names (EIP26297)
    Improve message when you import a DTC into a variant, and there is a DTC with the same code, authorization "required as reference", in DTC pool.
  • Table header not correctly redrawn when scrolling horizontally (EIP28848)
    List of available DTCs, scroll horizontally, table header was not redrawn correctly. To correct this, a "star" icon is now shown instead of bold text to mark the column as "mandatory".
  • RTF Export with graphical state dependency representation produces big files (EIP30042)
    This is an issue of Microsoft Word, see
  • Requirements link status shown red after generate used DiagClass property (EIP29172)
    Requirements status info in "Requirements" and "Linking with Diagnostic Objects" lists respects DiagClass property.
  • Empty "Eingabe"/"Ausgabe" fields in diff of Job (EIP24966)
  • Crash for document opened via Explorer while disclaimer shown (EIP30181)
  • CANdelaStudio-Crash in Demo/View-Mode (EIP30082)
    Start CANdelaStudio in View/ViewX editon or without licence, open a document and resize width of main frame.
  • GUI wrong after deleting all Mux cases (EIP30057)
    In some template constellation, delete all Mux cases of 59 06 "xx".
  • Clipboard shortcuts of filter edit control take effect in list (EIP29134)
    In filter edit control above diagInstance list, DTC list and datatypes list, CANdelaStudio now applies clipboard keys to the edit control and not to the list or otherwise.
  • Compare view shows wrong descriptions if description is empty (EIP26888)
  • State dependencies can be modified even though primary properties are not modifiable (EIP19301)
  • Crash changing variant in state group overview (EIP30478)
    In state group overview, switch state group, then variant.
  • CANdelaStudio does not remember maximize state (EIP29769)
    With Notebook resolution, maximize and close CANdelaStudio. With desktop screen resolution (bigger), open CANdelaStudio.
  • On closing CANdelaStudio, do not close documents if user cancels via confirmation dialog (EIP29347)
    CANdelaStudio closed and contains modified documents, and you press "Cancel" on "Saves Changes?- confirmation". Now all documents remain open.
  • Editing Target Groups at Diag Instance overwrites Target Groups at service (EIP29218)
    Edit target groups of Service, uncheck "Manufacturing (M)"; edit target groups of Diagnostic Instance, uncheck "Service (s)"; edit target groups of Service again: "Manufacturing (M)" was erroneously checked.
  • Main menu shortcuts do only work if focus is on main window (EIP29133)
  • Adding DTC in variant erroneously takes error text from DTC pool (EIP28677) add a DTC in a variant (transfer in compare view/docUpgrade), DTC in DTC pool has the same code, and authorization in pool is "not required": error text was taken from the DTC in the pool.
  • Datatype property dialog not available in packet data type context menu (EIP28506)
  • Show target group insensitive at service/job if it is not relevant at container (EIP26692)
    Target group is un-checked at a diagnostic instance (or job container), was allowed to check it at a service (or job).
  • Describe Requirements: menu items for "ToDo" property are sensitive independent of property value (EIP26414)
  • Mark document as modified if user modifies a DTC in the DTC property dialog (EIP25040)
  • Strange behaviour with attribute deletion followed by move up/down (EIP23823)
  • Title bar does not reflect changed path after "Save As" (EIP30508)
  • Template open in translation view does not show translation memory menu (EIP30482)
  • Describe Requirements: selection is not reset if context menu is opened on magic line (EIP30463)
    Select a requirement, open context menu on "magic line", the selected requirement remained selected.
  • Clicking magic line in Extended DataRecord does not insert at the end of telegram (EIP30180)
  • Requirements Context Menu for empty list (EIP30091)
    Context menu in requirements list with no selected requirement shall not show menu entries.
  • Crash when editing data objects (EIP29827)
    Properties dialog of last data object, enter edit field "Name", press TAB on keyboard, press KEY DOWN on keyboard.
  • Delete Key does not work in Chapter Diagnostic Class Template (EIP29462)
  • Data type icon misplaced in combobox in data object property dialog (EIP29332)
  • Initially wrong icon is shown when opening a cddt (EIP29310)
    After opening a CDDT file, CANdelaStudio now shows the correct (gray) icon on the property page header.
  • Crash when editing constant in packet datatype (EIP29214) CANdelaStudio crashed when editing constant in packet datatype.
  • Crash in import pool datatypes list (EIP29024)
    Inspect tooltips in import pool data object list, then datatypes list, switch applications.

User interface

  • New options dialog (EIP27583)
    Menu Tools|Options
  • Export even non-translated terms as TMX (EIP29288)
    In Translation View, Menu "Translation Memory" contains new item "Save... (even non-translated terms)". You can pass the exported TMX file to a translator and after translation load it back into CANdelaStudio to translate the CANdela document.
  • Add Name in the Shortcut Qualifier Overview (EIP26173)
    In Short Qualifier Overview, CANdelaStudio shows the Shortcut Name as a second column (read-only, as in Qualifier Overview).
  • Default for data objects in session wizard (EIP30271)
    In session diagnostic class, if there is at least one session diagnostic instance, the session wizard as a default clones the data objects from the first diagnostic instance.
  • Provide command line switch to open CDD in expert mode (EIP30270)
    Example: CANdelaStudio.exe /expert 1 some.cdd
  • Optionally wait for keypress after command line operation (EIP27452)
    With /k 0, if CANdelaStudio is executed as a pure console application without GUI (e.g. to do an export), the console window stays open until ENTER is pressed.
  • Show CDD path in frame title and recent file list (EIP25545)
  • Do not scroll DTC list horizontally while editing a cell (EIP29796)
  • Assignment of extended data records is changed if DTC number is changed (EIP25091)
    In DTC list, if you change the DTC number, CANdelaStudio no more resets extended data records to default.
  • Special cases of Dynamic-length data objects before end (EIP24609)
    CANdelaStudio now allows insertion of dynamic length object a) in multiplexer page (e.g. in operation "Copy into selected environment data.."); b) in telegram of DID Referencer with DID number (e.g. inserting new object within UDS 19 04); c) in multiplexer page (e.g. inserting new DID reference within UDS 19 06).
  • Resolution of ODX XPath expressions does not work as expected (EIP25658)
    When resolving an ODX XPath, CANdelaStudio navigates to the CANdela object that corresponds with the XPath, or the closest ancestor object that corresponds with the XPath.
  • Support editing of multiple attributes values in DTC list (EIP29724)
    In DTC table, CANdelaStudio allows editing of multiple cells in a column for user-defined attributes shown in the list (= attributes with "Visible in separate table column" set; this already worked for DTC columns defined in "Error Code Table").
  • Visualize selector of mux datatype in telegram (EIP27040)
    In the telegram table, a data object used as selector for a Mux is shown with a special icon.
  • Provide full-screen for input/output parameters of job (EIP27043)
  • Extract of DTC columns description (EIP26821)
    Button to "Show column info" beside the filter edit field in DTC list.
  • Usability: provide operations in variant list (EIP23151)
    Variant tree node / variant list (right side): Copy, Paste, Delete, Properties.
  • Allow insertion of DTC in variant even if the number already exists in DTC Pool (EIP30661)
    If DTC Pool contains DTC X with authorization "not required", and you paste DTC X from another variant or document into a variant where DTC X does not exist, CANdelaStudio now allows insertion of the DTC.
  • Consistency violation after setting proxy to optional (EIP30336) CANdelaStudio now runs consistency check after editing ProtocolService.
  • Scrollbar in the diagnostic instance references list is not working (EIP30156)
    When CANdelaStudio confirms whether you want to edit a shared diagnostic instance, a) the dialog allows scrolling the list of references of the diagnostic instance. b) the dialog shall provide the variants as hyperlinks
  • Enable copy of data objects in read-only lists (EIP29774)
  • Wrong text copied from path control if not shown in toolbar (EIP28534)
    Path control not shown in toolbar but shown via the arrows at the right end of the toolbar. It did not copy its contents to clipboard via Ctrl-C in this situation.
  • Drag and drop on CANdelaStudio does not open document (EIP28532) e.g. only start page active.
  • In file open dialog, show .cddt files without changing file types (EIP28309)
  • Switching addressing mode loses focus in state dependency editing (EIP26435)
    State dependency list in editing mode
  • Visualize context in compare view shown after docUpgrade (EIP25747)
  • Multiple state groups selected after move down (EIP25220)
    After move down of a state group, now CANdelaStudio keeps the moved state group selected (not the first one).
  • Variant wizard: allow action in tree or on multiple selection (EIP1197)
  • Keep backup version of logfile (EIP3749)
    Use-case: when re-starting CANdelaStudio after a crash, the logfile is truncated. Now a backup version is still available in main menu Tools and context menu of output window: "Open Log File (backup version)".
  • Add link to Vector Knowledge Base in Start page (EIP30945)
  • Message shown that document upgrade is forbidden is not helpful (EIP29742)
    Document upgrade forbidden due to document settings.
  • Avoid comparing document with itself (EIP25551)
  • Icon resolution (EIP25122)
    CANdelaStudio uses higher icon resolution
  • Telegram table: "Reserve data objects" is misleading (EIP24193)
    "Reserve data objects" changed to "Convert to reserved data object"
  • Improve error message "Could not find conversion path..." (EIP23898)
    When CANdelaStudio cannot load a document version, it now reports: "E: Converter missing - please download from The converter is needed to load CANdela documents of version"
  • Job File Manager: show real Java Job entrypoints (EIP22803)
    In the entry points combo-box in the job property dialog, CANdelaStudio only shows Java Job entrypoints that are listed in the JAR Manifest behind the parameter "Job-Entry-Points"
  • Show overlay icon on job in list if it has restricted audience (EIP21636)
    In the job list, CANdelaStudio now shows a job with restricted audience with the "!" overlay (like the audience at job container)
  • Use DTCStatus bits not datatype properties (EIP31177)
    For DTC status bits in a diagnostic instance, the user interface so for showed the bits as defined in the template, not the values in the diagnostic instance (they may vary in rare cases).

"Describe Requirements"

  • Provide button to display difference between requirements and diagnostic objects in tooltip (EIP29843, EIP30071, EIP31190)
    Tree node "Requirements", toolbar button to the left.
  • Improve link status icons (EIP30601)
    Requirements list in tree node "Requirements": icons are simplified, status colours correspond with traffic lights.
  • Combine Generate/Update into one "Update" operation (EIP30083)
  • Smart position for new and for paste + insert copy of requirements (EIP26629, EIP30814)
    Tree node "Requirements", create a new requirement.
  • Make move of column persistent (EIP29752)
  • Provide filter for unreferenced (dangling) objects in requirements list (EIP30712)
  • Improve synchronize of DTC requirements with double DTC code (EIP29734)
    For any following DTC requirement with the same code, CANdelaStudio does not create or link a DTC.
  • Associate diagnostic class with requirements (EIP28568)
    Use-case: you specify requirements in an external tool; the requirement headings will be stable (like "Measurement", "Identification"); requirements will be used to generate diagnostic objects; CANdela templates are likely to change due to process adaptations; now it should be possible to specify the target diagnostic class for data generation from requirements, even if the diagnostic class in the template changes.
    Solution: in expert mode, create an attribute at a diagnostic class template, type "string" (not multi-language), qualifier "SourceRequirementHeadings", value: comma separated list of strings that denote requirement headings.
    When generating diagnostic objects from requirements under a heading H, if a diagnostic class template D is marked as relevant for requirements, and the attribute exists at D and contains the name of H, then CANdelaStudio creates diagnostic objects in the first diagnostic class that refers to such a D.
  • Deletion of requirements on .csv import (EIP29354)
    Tree node "Requirements", toolbar "import". With this change, CANdelaStudio supports the use-case that in an external requirements management system, you moved or deleted a requirement (optionally with a subtree). CANdelaStudio supports moving/deleting it on import, so that the resulting requirements tree in CANdelaStudio again corresponds with the data in the external system.
  • Improved update of diagnostic objects from requirements (EIP29339) Tree node "Requirements", toolbar button for update. The operation now includes moving and deleting linked diagnostic objects, so that the resulting diagnostic objects correspond with the list of requirements.
  • Modify "requirements support per diagnostic class" in requirements settings (EIP29169)
    Tree node "Requirements", page "Settings"


  • Do no more combine DtcStatus components (EIP31096)
    When you open a CDD from format of CANdelaStudio 7.5 or older, do no longer combine DtcStatus components in the diagnostic class template (which was added in 8.0 Release). Motivation: avoid change of paths in testers.
  • Set minimum iterations for "End of service" iteration component in PosResponse to 0 (EIP29621)
    When CANdelaStudio loads a file < 8.0 SP2, if the number of iterations of an "End of service" iteration component in the PosResponse of a ProtocolService is 1, CANdelaStudio sets the number of iterations to 0. This is required to allow an empty iteration. A migration from 6.5 to 7.0 erroneously set the minimum iterations to 1.

Data exchange

  • Improve import of datatypes from CANdb (EIP31372)
    In CANdb, a signal can have both a textual and a linear encoding. The text table will be imported only if the linear conversion has factor 1, offset 0.
  • Report: constant value not shown within packet datatype (EIP28962)
  • Feature: language independent DTC export and import (EIP28395)
    "File type" combobox of the file dialog opened by button "DTC export" in DTC list. The "language independent" DTC export exports:
    * for DTC columns: qualifier instead of name
    * for enum values: numeric id instead symbol
    * for multi-language columns/attributes: Current language


  • Check on FlexNET license or old Vector USB dongle license of main product (EIP28325, EIP30942)
    With a FlexNET or old Vector USB dongle (not KeyMan) license of CANoe, CANape or CANdito, enable a view license for CANdelaStudio.
  • Support pool license (EIP25243)
    Special license (only for larger number of licenses)
  • Support Vector hardware for license check (EIP30409)
    For newer devices like CANcardXL or VN1600, not for hardware like CANcardXLe (too few license bits available).


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