CANdelaStudio 7.5 SP3

Updates existing installations of version 7.5 to 7.5 SP3. Not suitable for versions older than 7.5.

With Service Pack 3, the following changes become effective:

Issues solved

  • Correctly store info about "allowed dynamic length before end" in document (EIP27586)
  • Error message and CANdelaStudio breaks down after ODX-Import (EIP22804, EIP27172)
  • Document inconsistent after deleting OBD DTCs having specific data for Freeze Frame / RecordNumber (EIP25768)
  • Request-Parameter Field "zz" is not shown for some services (EIP15322=CASU-607)
  • Datatype diff incorrect for OID diff (EIP25905)
  • Crash in filtered datatype list (EIP26246)
  • Attribute .csv export does not quote cells containing line feed (EIP26303)
  • Incorrect DTC Envdata overwriting flag / CANdela Crash after Editing FTB (EIP26568 = CASU-1878)
  • Constraints check does not handle data objects with dynamic length correctly (EIP26897)
  • Out of memory when creating "free style" mux range (EIP26926)
  • Missing Edit Button in the Diagnostic Instance (Fault Memory) DTCExtendedDataRecordNumber (uu) [SLP9 ECU] (EIP25319=CASU-1733)
  • Crash during saving the file after copy and paste Flashjobs (EIP26292)
  • Text table import ignores end of range (EIP24372)
  • Tooltip for service abstracts shows response for request with MSB set (= suppress positive response) (EIP24643)
  • Import of .csv file fails due to file lock (EIP26434)
  • Report does not export datatype in multiplexer datatype (EIP26913)
  • GUI allows the user to place more than one End-of-Service iteration data types in one packet data type (EIP24589)

Issues solved for "Describe Requirements"

  • Consider authorization properties by creation/modification of diagnostic objects from/to requirements (EIP27261)
  • Refine search of linkable diagnostic object during generate of diagnostic objects (EIP27214)
  • Completion of equality of requirement and diagnostic object (EIP26824)
  • Generate of data objects based on services property of requirements (EIP27217)
  • Allow generate requirements to start with diagnostic class (EIP27401)
  • Avoid inconsistent document after generating diagnostic objects
  • Speedup opening of requirements list (EIP27252)
  • Avoid crash while moving columns in requirements view (EIP27254)
  • Support "Generate" on a data object with dangling reference (EIP27453)
  • Show DiagClass property (EIP27476)
  • Refine availability of "Generate" and "Update" context menu items on requirements and diagnostic objects (EIP27483)
  • Make setting of services property of data requirement work correctly (EIP27613)
  • Show hint when generating diagnostic objects and default datatype not set (EIP27550)
  • Describe Requirements: update Vehicle System Group Requirement from Vehicle System Group (EIP27226, EIP26485)
  • Describe Requirements: Associated VehicleSystemGroups are not set when updating diagnostic objects from requirements (EIP26893)
  • Describe requirements: generate of requirements creates duplicate headings (EIP26483)
  • Requirements -> DiagnosticObjects: available Datatype with matching BitLen and DisplayFormat not detected (EIP26895)
  • Describe Requirements: entire requirements tree expanded after creating new requirement (EIP26268)
  • Describe requirements: context menu of unresolved references do not support generate requirement (EIP26476)
  • Describe Requirements: text filter does not cover "Type" column values (EIP26442)
  • Describe Requirements (duplicate column names) (EIP26224)
  • Describe Requirements: combo-box does not close (EIP26182)
  • Describe Requirements: user-defined column named "Type" (EIP26096)
  • Describe Requirements: German short cuts in tooltips and context menu (EIP26239)
  • Wrong tree images of requirements in "cut" state (EIP26470)

User interface

  • Support ECU-SHARED-DATA for diagnostic instances (EIP25736)
  • Support collapse/expand columns in edit mode of state transitions (EIP25673)
  • Improve message output for identification feature datatype mismatch (EIP24586)

User interface Expert mode

  • Enable dynamic-length data objects at combined component as a default if enabled at ECU level (EIP25082)

Data exchange

  • Prevent deactivation of jobs during ODX import (EIP26949)
  • Enable import of ECU-SHARED-DATAs without BASE-VARIANT (EIP26064)
  • Support LINKED-DTC-DOPs at DTC-DOP on importing DTCs (EIP27177)


  • Export info for service and addressing specific for interface (EIP24292)
  • Support multiple data objects with dynamic length within a single telegram table (EIP24306)


  • Take over settings from previously installed CANdelaStudio release
  • Do not check for .NET 2.0 in MSI installer (EIP27000)

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