Vector Logger Configurator 2.6 SP5

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Tool for the configuration of GL1000 / GL2000 / GL3000 / GL4000 series, and VN1630 log to record data from CAN, LIN, FlexRay, and MOST150 bus and from analog inputs. Configurable e.g. via filter, trigger, or by symbolic names from the database. Additionally, the recorded data can be read and exported to various file formats.
Supported operating systems: Windows 7/8/8.1/10. Please note, that a separate download exists for the standalone tool Vector Logging Exporter, available since version 2.6.

This Service Pack offers you the following functionalities:

All GL Loggers:

  • Diagnostics

    • Diagnostic data can be recorded in a signal-oriented manner. Therefore, neither diagnostic interpreters nor diagnostic descriptions are necessary for the evaluation of the measured data.
    • Diagnostic data can be exported into the signal oriented MDF format.
    • Service requests with Multiplex parameters are supported now. The values are entered as raw values.
    • Diagnostic signals can be configured for direct monitoring in a web display and Signal Sampling Mode of CANoe/CANalyzer.


    • CCP/XCP signals with several individual elements (e.g. arrays, maps) can be requested in full or in part for transmission, e.g. to reduce bus load and size of the log files.

  • Transmit messages

    • Cyclic messages can easily be configured, e.g. to stimulate ECUs or to keep them awake.

  • File manager

    • The frame oriented format MDF 4.1 is available for data export.

  • Analysis package

    • Settings for storing the analysis package are presented user-friendly and saved in the project file. Default settings for new projects can be defined.

  • The wake-up capability of FlexRay can optionally be switched off.

GL3000/GL400 Family:

  • HostCAM:

    • The network camera HostCAM can now be easily set up in the Vector Logger Configurator and the setting for recording the images can be configured.
    • The images can be stored continuously as long-term capturing alternatively to the triggered capturing.
    • The start/stop and trigger events for both operating modes are freely configurable.
    • The camera status and the triggering can be indicated via LEDs.
    • CANoe 10.0 displays HostCAM images in the Video window synchronized to the logged bus messages.


    • ECU internal signals can directly be read out from ECUs via XCP on Ethernet.

GL2000 Family:

  • For the 3G connection to MLserver a domain name (DNS) can be set now.


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