CANape 18.0 SP8

Updates existing installations of version 18.0 to 18.0.80 SP8. The following changes become effective with version 18.0.80:

User Operation and Display

  • The handling of future window types has been improved.
  • Several CANopen devices can be created in the device list.
  • When closing the project, an unexpected termination of the routine was fixed.

Communication Protocols

  • XCP: A new expert setting, which allows to avoid executing PROGRAM_RESET after flashing, was introduced.
  • DLT: Fixed measurement of DLT signals from multiple publishers sending on the same multicast address.
  • XCP: Fixed an issue where the ECU responded with an empty DB string on GET_ID request.
  • DLT messages can be displayed time-synchronously with other message types like CAN or Ethernet PDUs by using PTP.
  • Fixed a non-continuable error during measurement start when using the Vector hardware time-synchronization

Measurement Data Acquisition

  • VectorIO: Fixed timestamp issue
  • Signals measured via CANopen receive a correct timestamp.
  • CAN monitor: Reduced the amount of data written to MDF in case of CAN FD
  • If a measurement signal is moved to a partial configuration, the associated recording flags are also moved to this configuration.


  • Improved treatment when importing maps and curves and saving them into a parameter file via CASL script: All values will be read, even if only one value is referenced by the script.
  • The feature ACC for XCP devices will only be executed if a suitable network communication is configured.


  • When the connection to the ECU is interrupted unexpectedly (e.g., in case of a ECU reset), the authentication is renewed afterwards.

Functions and Scripts

  • When using the functions min() and max() in algebraic expressions, the saved values are reset before recalculation.

Measurement Data Visualization and Manual Analysis

  • When displaying measurement data from several MDF4 files with UTC synchronized timestamps, the absolute times are displayed correctly even in windows with signals from only one file.

Working with Measurement Files

  • MDF4 bus logging files can either be converted to the signal-oriented form or enriched with the signal information using the "CallConverter" command line tool.
  • Support of the DAQ overload indication when converting XCP logs to MDF
  • Fixed loading of MDF 4.1 files containing CAN FD messages if created by CANape using the new MF4 ring-buffer technology for triggering (starting with CANape 19.0, only for uncompressed files).
  • When importing bus logging files, the CAN identifiers of messages with extended IDs are displayed in hexadecimal notation with an "x" as identifier in the channel group properties.
  • Signals of type INT in arrays are interpreted correctly.
  • When exporting measurement files to Excel format, negative timestamps are also accepted.
  • When importing system variables from BLF logging files, structures are also supported.


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MD5 hash : ef56c33af24c20f9775768a5d750a316
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