CANalyzer 15 SP2 Online Installer

Online installer for the 64 bit variant of version 15. Requires an internet connection and will let you download options + components interactively.

With Service Pack 2, the following changes become effective:


  • Graphics window

    • In XY mode, a measuring point can now also be drawn exclusively as a function of the Y value

  • Logging

    • Header comments are now also supported in the signal-based MDF logging format


  • Security Manager

    • Automatic scaling when using multiple monitors
    • Help available as HTML help

  • TLS

    • Provision of multiple PSK keys in one security profile, Server selects the appropriate key

Option .Ethernet

  • Core functionality:

    • It is now possible to use an IKE client.

  • Network-based Access

    • Ports contained in logging files are displayed when they are loaded into a Trace Window or when they are used in offline mode (Extended Ethernet Logging should be enabled when logging).

  • Protocol Monitor:

    • It is now possible to hide networks and nodes with one click.
    • All connections of an endpoint are listed in the detailed view.
    • The performance of the protocol monitor has improved and sporadic problems with an elongated graphical overview are fixed.

Option .Car2x

  • Security: The calculation of HashedId8 for certificates with 256bit key and 384bit signature has been corrected.
  • Application Messages (EU): Support of the Collective Perception Message (CPM) according to ETSI TR 103 562 V2.1.1 2019-12.
  • Map Window:

    • The use of image files as map material has been described in the help.
    • The visualization of the MAP has been corrected for the Chinese application message.


  • Fleet Management System (FMS): updated database FMS.dbc contains 26 new messages, largely complies with the current standard FMS 4.0 and therefore allows easy simulation and analysis of FMS communication


  • Bus statistics data (bus load, peak load, frames/sec, frames (total) and error (total)) are stored in automatically generated system variables. The system variables can be accessed in data and graphic windows as well as in CAPL nodes.


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