vMeasure exp 5.0 SP2

Updates existing installations of version 5.0 to 5.0 SP2. The following changes will become effective with SP2:

User Operation and Display

  • New driver DLL: Unfavorable combinations of specific versions of the Vector Time Sync Service and the interface drivers no longer cause the program to crash.
  • The Property dialog for unknown variables has been changed in order to better present the available information and the state of the variable.
  • The StateChart window supports the NIST Reference Fluid Thermodynamic and Transport Properties Database (REFPROP).
  • Support of the 64-bit version of CSMconfig for remote configuration of CSM devices on a Smart Logger
  • An issue regarding the visualization of a measurement signal in a numeric window was corrected. In some cases, false values were displayed.
  • The General Calibration window replaces the Parameter window and the Parameter Group window. Configurations that contain these old window types are automatically converted to the new window on loading.
  • Searching within very large projects in the Symbol Explorer has been accelerated.
  • Vector Platform Manager updated to version 4.1

Measurement Data Acquisition

  • Support of Vector hardware integrated GNSS devices
  • The macro for trigger events optionally provides the absolute time with date and time.
  • The calculation of high-speed measurement functions is also supported with the "On event" measurement modes.
  • The macros for the recorder events also deliver the associated events when the data is split into multiple files.
  • The measurement file comment can be entered by the user for all trigger and split files during a measurement.


  • Mouse-wheel calibration is permanently active from now on and requires pressing the <Alt> key to modify values.


  • Improved handling of compressed video data during lead time of a triggered measurement
  • Reception of the resolution list on AXIS M7014
  • Video signal display in Graphic window during measurement now is also updated for projects on logger hardware.
  • Connection with an Axis camera has been accelerated.
  • Fixed errors in key frame buffer handling during split recording of video signals.

Functions and Scripts

  • An issue that occurred when assigning a CASL function multiple times was solved.
  • CASL functions can be edited via the configuration dialog for measurement functions or virtual file signals.
  • A flag for suppressing the status dialog has been added to the CASL function ConvertFile().
  • The eMobilityAnalyzer now supports signals measured with CAN-based CSM measurement modules as input
  • The CASL function WaitForAllSignalsReady() waits for both the deanonymization and the loading of all files of a measurement.

Measurement Data Visualization and Manual Analysis

  • The resolution of created PDF documents was improved.
  • The Graphic and Digital windows can be set to automatically fit the whole measurement to the windows after the measurement stopped.
  • Fixed exporting of display pages to a PDF file by drag and dropping that page to the Windows desktop.
  • The resolution of timing information in configuration files has been increased to one nanosecond.
  • The Thermodynamic State Chart window has been updated to the latest version from TLK.
  • In the Graphic window, signals with only one measured value can be displayed either as a line, only as a marker or as a line with a marker.

Working with Measurement Files

  • The measurement data export converter to MATLAB format provides new options for handling the MDF4 invalidation bit.
  • When merging MDF files from a file series, special signals which are contained in each single file since start of measurement will not be considered for determination of the time range.
  • A new option bit for the MdfMerge converter can be used to ignore multimedia signals stored with AVI attachment and a sync signal, e.g. if the merge operation is not possible due to different conversion rules of the sync signal. Note: AVI attachments cannot not be merged using MdfMerge.


Size : 3.60 GB
MD5 hash : d2d41dbd0978ce8c359c14fa3115a1bf
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