vFlash Remote 7 SP1

Updates existing installations of version 7 to 7 SP1. Not suitable for older versions.

New features and improvements

  • vFlash Remote: Support DoIP communication via Windows adapter (VFLS-48582)
    Context: Remote flashing of DoIP nodes is now supported via Windows Ethernet network adapter if no Vector Hardware is available on the Access Point side.
  • vFlash Remote: Support DoIP communication via network-based Vector Ethernet Devices (VFLS-48576)
    Context: Remote flashing of DoIP nodes is now also supported using network-based driver concept of the new Vector Ethernet Network interfaces.
  • LIN: Increased flash performance beyond LIN specification (VFLS-48951)
    Context: The LIN standard defines a maximum baud rate of 19200 bit/s, but some transceivers support higher baud rates, e.g. 115,200 bit/s. vFlash was already able to send data at this higher baud rate. In combination with a modified schedule the transfer rates could be increased significantly. Based on an additionally optimized cycle usage the performance can be increased again - depending on the ECU capabilities. Note that the availability of this feature highly depends on the ECU's LIN transceiver, processing power and topology.
  • DoIP: Support Flashing of DoIP ECUs with fixed MAC, skipping ARP (VFLS-48789)
    Context: Certain ECUs/systems do not support ARP - dynamically discovering the MAC address for an IP address. Therefore a fixed assignment of the MAC address and IP address is required - also for the ECU. If enabled in the vFlash Template the fixed assignment of the ECU's MAC address and the ECU's IP address is possible and the address resolution is skipped.
  • Support variable DLC < 8 also for CAN FD (VFLS-48891)
    Context: If configured in the vFlash Template, it is now possible to send Single Frames with a DLC smaller than 8 bytes also when communicating via CAN FD. This CAN frame data optimization was only available for classic CAN but is now also available for CAN FD.
  • Several smaller improvements and fixes.


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